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Saba Waheed

Saba Waheed is Research Director at the UCLA Labor Center. She has nearly twenty years of research experience developing projects with strong community participation. She is currently working on developing a mixed-method research project which includes surveys and in-depth interviews with workers to document workplace experiences, safety conditions, and the career trajectory within the retail and cultivation sector; focus groups with industry stakeholders to identify successful models and strategies to support high-road employment; and a review of public data sources and academic and policy research to develop an economic profile of the sector. She aims to produce actionable, comprehensive research to inform policymakers, educators, employers and labor organizations to ensure cannabis contributes to the well-being and economic prospects of new generations of workers in a challenging economy and in ways that mitigate the effects of past criminalization of cannabis. 

Funded by: BCC

Principal Investigator:  Saba Waheed, UCLA Labor Center