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Other Talks

Hormone-related variability in female responses to oral THC across the follicular phase

Elisa Pabon, Ph.D., a postdoctoral scholar from the University of Chicago, presented on “Hormone-related variability in female responses to oral THC across the follicular phase”

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Dr. Ziva Cooper, Director of the UCLA Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoids, joins the Hirschberg Foundation for their Patient and Family Webinar Series to talk about the history of cannabis and what has been established with respect to cannabis and cancer. Dr. Cooper discusses the origins of cannabis, its various cannabinoid components, current research and an exciting new study that may help cancer patients.

UCLA Longevity Center: Cannabis, Aging & Major Life Crises with Dr. Small and Dr. Cooper

During the past two decades, we have observed a tremendous increase in marijuana use in people age 50 and older. The scientific evidence points to the potential benefits of cannabis use for people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other medical conditions, yet limited data are available to guide use among older adults. The recent pandemic has raised concerns about the immune effects of smoking marijuana, as well as the impact of increased cannabis consumption in people struggling to manage their negative emotions. In this webinar, we will discuss cannabis use during the recent pandemic and other life crises, as well as the influence of age on cannabis use patterns and effects. June 24, 2020.

Why Does Weed Make Some People Paranoid

Future of Cannabis in LA Panel

Mashable and UCLA Cannabis Experts

Four Mashable videos featuring UCLA cannabis experts have been viewed more than *30,000* times on YouTube since the series launched just five weeks ago. The videos use funny, vintage footage and pop culture references to make the science from UCLA faculty highly accessible. Topics tackled so far include “Is cannabis addictive?,” “Is cannabis a gateway drug?”, “Does the federal government grow cannabis?”, and “Does cannabis kill brain cells?”